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I’m Itamar Gero, an entrepreneur, a technophile, and an adventurer. Computer programming is one of the things that I do best—I programmed and sold my first commercial software when I was 16. My passion for technology and software development continued when I went to serve in the Israeli army as an IT specialist.

Digital marketing and software development complement each other. So after traveling around the world, I started my own digital marketing company in the Philippines. The experience and skills I’ve learned in Israel combined with keen business strategies and strong leadership became the foundation for the success of my venture and of my business partners.

As a serial entrepreneur, my goal is to strengthen the Israeli-Philippine business relations. I’m currently the President of the Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

When I’m not in the office, you can find me meditating or embarking on an adventure in one corner of the world.

SMBs Helped

Lines of Code

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CEO of one of the largest digital marketing companies in the Philippines

Business Development

Attended IT and digital marketing events as a keynote speaker

Software and Applications

Developed e-commerce and affiliate platforms for different companies

Digital Marketing and SEO

Helped hundreds of companies optimize their websites and boost traffic generation


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Penthouse 2, 6780 Ayala Building, 6780 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1200

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