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By Itamar GeroAugust 8, 2016In Digital Marketing

10 B2B Digital Marketing Tricks

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, especially in the business-to-business context, can seem quite challenging. There are a lot of metrics and tactics to look into and not everyone understands how to market their brands properly. When your strategy fails to deliver, you end up wasting resources – something that is limited, particularly in the case of small businesses.

The good news is you can do a lot to maximize your investment in marketing. To make the most of your strategy, here are 10 useful B2B digital marketing tips and tricks:

  1. Focus on Brand Awareness

First on this list of digital marketing tricks is brand awareness. Online marketing is about more than just your website. More than anything, it should focus on your brand. Your audience should be able to recognize your business name whenever they see your logo or marketing material. This means researching on effective keywords, using multiple forms of digital media, and regularly updating web content.

  1. Improve Website Performance and Functionality

The key to effective digital marketing starts with your own website.

Improving your website is one of the most effective marketing tips to sell products to your audience. A study from Kissmetrics shows that conversions are related to the page load times of a website. The longer customers wait for the page to load, the less likely they are to stay on the site. In the few seconds they are staring at a blank, white screen, customers could easily decide to close the tab and move on to another seller.
The key to effective digital marketing starts with your own website. Optimize and prioritize functionality to ensure it has fast load times. Make sure it is easy to navigate and that relevant information is easy to find.
  1. Employ Inbound Marketing Tactics

The principle behind inbound marketing is to make prospective clients find you instead of being the one to find them. The concept is all about building your brand organically; it veers away from aggressive marketing methods such as popup ads and cold calls.

Infographics are a good example of an inbound marketing tactic. It provides information that the business’s target market needs and it gets distributed to multiple channels. An infographic also piques the interest of a prospective customer about a particular product or service. When shared to the right audience, infographics could lead to not just site visits, but also conversions.

  1. Embrace Social Media

Social media is a great way to expand the limited reach of your new website. Facebook, Twitter, and social networking sites are useful channels in promoting your brand. This is the reason social media marketing is one of the best marketing tricks for small businesses. It’s also easy, considering you can pull it off even with a small team.

Put in the effort to manage your brand’s presence on these sites. Post content that your audience would want to share and react to. Respond to comments and interact with your target market to get more followers.

  1. Make Digital Content Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is the present and the future.

Mobile is the present and the future. In 2015, Google confirmed that mobile had overtaken desktop in terms of search figures. The trend is likely to continue, as smartphones are becoming more accessible to everyone connecting to the Internet as easy as the click of a button. As such, you should prioritize UX in your website. Make sure the design is responsive, and every piece of content is mobile-friendly.
  1. Create Compelling Content

Information is the primary commodity on the Internet – and distributed through content. Text posts, images, audio files, and video clips are all good forms of content that you should harness to their fullest potential.

For the purpose of B2B digital marketing, focus on text. As much as rich media drives traffic and engagement, text is what search engines could crawl or index. Writing keyword-rich and engaging text content allows you to hit two birds with one stone: (1) providing information that your audience wants or needs and (2) furthering your SEO efforts by giving search engines text to crawl.

  1. Reinvent Email Marketing

Email blasts are perhaps one of the oldest marketing tricks to make you buy a product or pay for a service. Some might say it’s antiquated, but the truth is that email remains one of the most common forms of communication for both individuals and businesses. contributor and Broadsuite president Daniel Newman enumerates a number of statistics regarding this matter. Email marketing is still effective, provided that it is done properly.

Email marketing is still effective, provided that it is done properly.

Straightforward newsletters are a thing of the past; what customers want is more value for sharing their email address with you. Bundle signups with relevant and dynamic content tailored to your audience and give them a reason to receive and read your emails. With the right strategy, you can turn email blasts into a reliable branding (even better, conversion) tool for your business.

  1. Keep Tabs on Analytics

These digital marketing tips and tricks won’t yield results if you fail to measure their effects. Use tools and analytics and keep tabs on how your strategy performs with various key performance indicators (KPIs). Check your site’s bounce rate, keyword performance, social media engagement, and other relevant data—use this data to formulate action points

  1. Build Commitment

An excellent marketing strategy goes beyond one-time conversions. It is not enough that you have drawn in prospective and new clients. Your objective should be to establish a connection with them – to build commitment.

After (or even before) they buy or ask for a quote, attract them to subscribe to your email blasts or follow you on social media. It also helps to provide gated content – white papers and PDFs they can download for free in exchange for basic information like their email address. This makes it easier for you to market your brand to those who are interested in what you offer.

  1. Automate Processes

Automation is one of the most underrated digital marketing tricks. Manual processes are the reason businesses can’t maximize their marketing strategies. Fortunately, some of these processes can be automated to speed up the pace of your campaign. This lightens the load of your staff and ensures you are on top of your marketing game.

You should incorporate these quick wins in your overall strategy. When you maximize these techniques, it is easy to gain traction online, be it for finding new clients or retaining old ones. 

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