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10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business Using Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

When you run a small business, it is often more important to save money than spend it for marketing. At least, this is how many people see it. Every penny that leaves your business’s coffers is equal to an often indeterminate amount of risk.

Fortunately, there is a way for small business owners to do some effective marketing without spending a fortune. And it only involves email.

The value of small business email marketing has stood the test of time, which says a lot in this age of temporariness as far as digital marketing and SEO are concerned. Even when digital marketers around the world have to stay vigilant lest they get left behind by an algorithm update, email marketing has stayed largely the same—with perhaps even more potency.

If you are currently looking for strong, effective, and reusable email platforms, you might benefit from this post. This is all about the 10 ways your email marketing can help your business grow.

1. Replace your snail mail marketing.

The beauty of an email marketing campaign is largely its cost-effective nature. By some experts’ computations, if you spend about $1 per email, you get roughly $40 in return for each—that’s how much value it possesses. This is far from what you would spend if you had to do a direct mail campaign using snail mail. The paper, printing, manpower hours, fuel, and postage alone will cost you a lot of money. If you use email instead, you can market for so much less.

2. It’s not just email; it can also have ads.

If you have a large list of customers, imagine the exposure you get when you send them an email with one click. A large list of leads is also attractive to other businesses, so in time you can even use some of the email space to place their ads for a fee. This is one way to earn commission from the ads that give your client businesses some clicks and sales.

“This is one way to earn commission from the ads that give your client businesses some clicks and sales.”

3. Use your email to promote new releases.

This is what clothing brands typically do with email marketing. They employ some of the best email marketing services, and they use them not just to promote their brand in general, but to announce sales and new product collections. You can do the same with your products.

4. Use your email to stay top-of-mind.

The best email marketing for small business is not just about announcements. Send an email containing your newsletter to keep your audience in the know. Whenever they need something, they will remember you. Never neglect the holidays; send them a greeting with or without an ad. Do the same for every customer’s birthday, if possible. The objective is to remind people that you care, and that you’re there if they need something you can give.

“The objective is to remind people that you care, and that you’re there if they need something you can give.”

5. Use email marketing tools for reorders.

This entails some work, such as monitoring when a product that a customer bought from you is going to need replacement. This is effective for those who sell consumables. Send your customer a reorder form via email before their supply is depleted. Aside from reorders, you may also send a “we miss you” email to get your customer to start browsing your website again for more of what you offer.

6. Send them a blog post about how to maximize your products.

The top email marketing platforms include quality content. Consider sending your customers a post on how to use your products for more benefit. Even those who have not bought that particular product may find it inviting enough to try it.

7. Send them a newsletter.

Newsletter marketing is not limited to one function. A newsletter may also contain other features such as a reorder form, digital discount coupons, and many others that may make your customers take action.

8. Send your customers some useful tips.

In email marketing, tips should always be part of your selection. You don’t have to give them tips about your products all the time. You can send them tips about related products, or tips that might improve their lives. For example, if you sell light bulbs, send tips on how to save electricity by checking their appliances.

9. Generate more leads.

One more good thing about email is that it’s instantly forwardable. This means you stand to gain a new customer if one of your recipients forwards your email to a friend. The more email addresses you get, the better for your online email marketing lead generation.

10. It’s not just for selling.

Sometimes, an email sent to customers does not just sell; it introduces you to people. This may mean being called for a speaking engagement or consultancy. It may also mean receiving an invitation to a meeting with a potential business partner or investor—all because you sent out a small business email.

Email marketing has not lost its power, contrary to what other marketers may think. Apart from being one of the best ways to generate leads, it is a good marketing move that proves to your customers that there’s a human side to your brand and they can interact with that side. Plan it carefully, and the next batch of emails you send might end up helping your small business take a leap to the next level.

“Email marketing has not lost its power, contrary to what other marketers may think.”

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