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By Itamar GeroJanuary 13, 2017In Blog

Company Core Values: What’s at the Heart of Your Business?

Your company has high sales and you’ve hired the right people to get the job done. This is enough if you are looking at a short-term strategy. However, a strong, surviving, and enduring company needs a guide – something that will light its way during the darkest of times. That’s where company core values come in.

Company core values for your business growth

Company core values should not be optional. It’s one of the first things you have to set early on, because it’s what will drive every action in your company. It helps you pick the right people for the job, and guides you in making big decisions. It’s also important when tackling the online market, as your target audience will want to know your vision and goals. Company culture also determines the path you take as you reach your aspirations.

When it comes to managing my business and pushing growth for everyone I work with, I consider the core values below to be the most important:

Be Tech-Savvy

As you dive into the online world, the gravest mistake you will make is not being updated on the latest trends. This doesn’t mean you have to know every single detail about the latest MacBook unit or Samsung’s new flagship phone. But you should know which aspects of your online marketing campaigns can be improved, and which areas can benefit both you and your target market.

Pro-tip: Make reading a part of your everyday routine. Start the day reading about what’s happening around the world. If you find something interesting, don’t hesitate to share it and make a social impact. Yahoo! News and Flipboard are some tools at your disposal. Sharing your knowledge with other people is a step towards the next core value.

Open Communication Lines

One of Twitter’s core values is to “communicate fearlessly to build trust.”


Communicate fearlessly to build trust.
― Twitter – Core Values

The top management may not always be aware of what’s going on with every employee every day in the office, and employees may not know how to approach the Human Resources department if they have any workplace-related issue they want to be addressed. Make sure everyone knows that you have five minutes to spare to listen to their concerns.

A quick note: It is important to emphasize confidentiality when you’re talking to rank-and-file employees. It takes courage for them to talk about the issues they see, and they need to be able to trust that you’ll take action rather than just make them look bad around their colleagues.

Encourage Adventure

There is another world outside the office, and you should encourage your employees to explore it.

There is another world outside the office, and you should encourage your employees to explore it. Better yet, explore it together. Schedule yearly team building activities that disconnect them from their computer screens and connect them to each other — you’re still humans and not robots, after all. This fosters friendly relations and builds new friendships, while strengthening the bond that holds your company together. With people who love and enjoy working together, you know your company can succeed.

Let your Human Resources department release a poll asking employees about the kinds of activity they want to see on the team building event. Involving them in the planning stage will motivate them more to participate.

Care for Their Health

Your employees can’t be productive if they’re always sick. Part of the responsibilities of any business owner is to ensure the welfare of their employees. Encourage your employees to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Set regular activities such as a Health and Wellness Day. Providing fruits to the company is a small step that will be appreciated by everyone.

Don’t forget their mental health, too. When it comes to the design of your workplace, consider the productivity level and comfort of each individual in the team, especially if you have an open layout. Some employees work better if they don’t see a lot of distractions, while others need the occasional prod from their workspace neighbors to keep functioning.

Keep Employees Engaged

Keep employees engagedYour employees will stay in your company for several reasons. Make sure money is not their only motivation. Give them something in the workplace that they won’t be willing to let go. Developing a close-knit team, for instance, may lower your turnover rate.

One of the problems faced by startups is the high turnover rate, as their bright young minds choose to find better opportunities elsewhere. Rather than just think about the financial losses, consider why your employees are leaving in the first place. Look at where your old employees are right now, and evaluate what makes them happy in their new position.

These will give you an idea on how to keep your people engaged in their work. Whether they are involved in writing your website’s copy or talking to your clients, their ideals should be aligned with your company’s, and it should reflect on the way they do their work.

Lead the Pack

Of course, none of your company values will matter if you’re the first person not following them. As the code of your company, the values should guide everyone — especially you. When people see you as someone who keeps updated with the trends, communicates openly to resolve problems, enjoys life outside the office, and who genuinely cares for the people they work with, they’ll consider themselves lucky to be part of your growing team of talents.

Each company will have their own set of company core values that will guide them towards success and personal and professional growth. It’s time to sit down and think about what you want to be the heart of your company.

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